An overflow on the D Interceptor to the River Medlock, it's penstock was brand new technology at the time which helped keep river water out of the sewers.

Solicitor is a culvert of the Eaves brook that flows through Preston. It's around 900m long and joins with the Savick Book straight after the outfall.

A double box concrete culvert carrying the Salteye Brook around 340m under a motorway with a CSO in the middle.

The Holcombe Brook drops underground in a couple of culverts, the first of which is around 280m long and features several waterfalls and cascades.

The Walshaw Brook emerges briefly into the open air from Slop Pail before returning underground for the last stretch to the River Irwell

A concrete CSO chamber with an Archimedes' screw next to the Parr Brook.

A small stone culvert taking the Brightley Brook under a Kennel.