The River Calder flows through Cornholme in a few stone culverts, we had a look at the first one which was around 650m in length.

There were various sections where repairs has been made over the years, the largest being a concrete box section. A side pipe brought in a small watercourse and though initially explorable soon choked up with debris.

The Redwater Clough joins at a junction in it's own nicely walkable culvert. Towards the infall it gets stoopy and the stink from a dead bird put me off going up.

Back in the main culvert and it wasn't long before the infall could be seen.

The open section ran along side a mill with a chimney rising overhead, the remains of a weir looked to have once controlled the amount of water allowed downstream.

At the end of the oval culvert an uninviting low concrete box could be seen in the distance. We headed back at this point, on the drive back through the village we noticed another small open section with stone culverts leading off in both directions. One for next time.

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