I met up with Yaz and we headed out of town towards to countryside. After parking up we found an unusually large gated outfall for a motorway culvert. The infall presented a potentially lovely photo which I messed up the aperture settings for.

We continued through thick undergrowth and found the desired outfall. STD starts off with a long old stoop through Corrugated Metal Pipe, a couple of manhole shafts give room to stand and take breath. An indeterminable time later the metal pipe gives way to lovely brick, the change welcome as the sound of walking echos around.

The best feature of this drain is a chamber housing a convergence with a smaller drain. After stooping for so long neither of us were up for the smaller one, so continued up the main culvert.

The brick changed into an even lower box section, until reaching the upstream limit. Rungs lead up into a narrow manhole shaft.

Getting out was downhill & tactical running methods ensured a swift exit. Cheers to Yaz, great drain & a good laugh!

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