I found myself in St Helens one morning so thought I'd check out the local drains. I haven't seen any other photos from the area so was interested to see what was about. The first location I had to check out bore fruit, that of the tangy sewerfresh variety.

Upon entering the culvert you are greeted with a lovely stone arch, presumably an old bridge which soon gave way to concrete. There's an interesting side pipe that looked like an old tunnel rather than a drain, further up daylight streams in where the culvert enters the open for a few meters.

The culvert then continues into the unknown, sadly I hadn't time to explore beyond.

I did have a look up a modern looking RCP however, the smell gave away what it lead to.

Interestingly the main culvert also smelt a bit fresh so other CSOs might be lurking upstream. A return trip is definitely needed which isn't such a rush job.

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