I found this drain whilst looking for a culvert of one of Manchester's lesser brooks. The brook emerged from a tiny brick culvert around a foot high, but downstream a few meters was the outfall for what I presume to be the brook's bypass.

It starts as a RCP maybe 1.5 meters tall, then gets progressively more more back breaking. This is not a drain for spider haters, they are everywhere!

Plenty of chances to get nice and close to the water:

There was a small manhole chamber after the brick corner which allowed me to actually stand up fully, before straight back to it for maybe 50 meters.

The sound of roaring water spurred me around a long corner till I got to a small water slide.

Rungs going upto a lid allowed me to see through a window, where more RCP could be seen fading into the distance. It would be possible to get up, but it was a solo mission, and upstream looked just as stoopy as the rest, so didn't bother!

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