The Cross Bank Brook flows in a couple of stone culverts either side of the Top Mill site.

Known locally as The Plunge, the Dearden Brook travels from the hills above Edenfield down a picturesque little valley with waterfalls and cascades with a couple of short culverts.

A look for the tunnels of Wet Earth Colliery near Ringley, a site that started the extraction of coal from the Irwell Valley Fault in 1740. One of the reasons this site was important was the involvement of James Brindley.

International Drainers Meet 2019

Minotaurs Liar is a culvert that takes the Hyndburn brook around 265m under a field

My Shop takes the River Hyndburn through a stone block culvert for around 400m

Dobroyd Mill is found near Jackson Bridge in Holmfirth, a couple of culverts meet under the Mill to form Jackson Bridge Dike.