Processor carries the fetid waters of the Moston Brook. By the time the brook reaches the outfall a CSO and various sidepipes could have dropped their combined load depending on what the weather has been doing. The day I went was dry yet the air had a sewerfresh tint to it before even stepping foot inside. Contributing could be the other small sewer related structures that adorn the small valley in which the outfall resides.

The culvert starts as a brick pipe about 10ft tall, various seepage has created a cave like feel in one section.

The brick unfortunately gives way to concrete, which continues for some while.

The culvert's namesake is a CSO chamber for the sewer that runs parallel. The sewer makes itself known at several points along the route.

I understand further upstream there are a myriad of shape changes. I walked for another 10 minutes past the CSO chamber, looked at a couple of small but interesting sewer access chambers, then headed back to take photos.

Sept 13

TheVicar gave me a shout one weekend to go checkout Processor, it had been several years since either us had visited. We walked end to end this time so I got a chance to see the bits I'd missed last time. Unfortunately the drain had been stripped of metal wherever possible, from ladders and safety railings to the bolts holding them down. I even saw photos of a processor that the pikies had tried to take off, even though it was bigger than the pipes they would escape down... go figure.

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