Redbarn is found up near Oldham and is the upstream parent of Foxdenton. I met up with Nckt to have a look.

The drain starts off in brick around 7ft tall. This then alternates between short stretches of RCP where repairs have been made, before opening up into a large egg shaped section.

The best bit is after this where the stone blocks making up the pipe have allowed minerals to seep through creating a cave like feel.

The height then drops as the pipe turns back to brick and a stoopy 3ft. There was an interesting chamber where guide rails on each wall indicated there was once a penstock. We did not explore beyond this as a long potentially featureless stoop did not appeal.

Just before the main pipe shrank was an 3ft brick egg, knowing there was something to see we headed down it. The egg was lovely to look at but tiny and difficult to stoop down, after a manhole chamber and a stretch of RCP was the CSO chamber. Ladders gave access to the processor, an upper chamber and the sewer.

The culvert was not a particularly long one, but packed with shape changes and interesting features. The sewer connection adds a nice extension to what can be explored too. Thanks to Nckt for being a top exploring partner.

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