Sheffield was the final destination on my draining roadtrip with TheVicar, it was certainly saving the biggest till last. We went in via Porter's brook, the watercourse flows through nice old but stoopy culverts and open sections before converging with the River Sheaf.

Standing in the junction trains can be heard thundering overhead from the train station. Upstream the river continues up some nice but boring brick arched tunnels which merge into concrete box before the infall. Downstream the river splits into three stone arch tunnels which immediately drop via a short slide.

The tunnels run for sometime before emerging into the open then back into the next section. This starts off similar to the last only with a lot more debris to ankle break on.

The parallel tunnels merge into one as a stone arch takes over, which rapidly swells into a huge brick lined beast.

The brick unfortunately gives way to a newer, lower concrete section and the water depth increases significantly.

What a culvert to finish on, many thanks to the TheVicar for a great couple of days draining.

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