The Works is the Moston Brook Storm Overflow, built to shortcut stormwater from the Moston Brook straight to the River Irk.

I finally got round to visiting, the locals were having a random fire as I approached and gave quizzing looks at my wader'd up attire.The large outfall greeted me and I walked in to see what all the fuss has been all about.

The Works

Penstock controls

Double relief

Dead end

I like the Works, its got plenty to offer & there's always inhospitable if you fancy walking through. The bridge in the overflow chamber seems to be slowly being eaten by rust, I can see it snapping in the future, further adding to the detritus. It might prompt another cleanup which would be nice.

I revisited with TheVicar to try out his new camera and some pyrotechnics. I haven't used anything like this before but was quite pleased with the results.

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