I heard the roar as I got close to the lid for this CSO. Inside the flow from a 1.6m sewer thunders into the chamber having just come down a dropshaft or slide. It then appears to go down a vortex and passes out of the chamber through a small sewer, visible down a grill next to the rusted penstock control.

Every surface was coated in a wet film deposited by the mist that filled the chamber.

The overflow drops down either side of the sewer channel into a collection area leading to a 5ft RCP.

The overflow pipe goes for around 700m before it's outfall to the River Irk. I had scoped this out a couple of years earlier so didn't bother with the boring stoop down the pipe, the outfall is in a bit of an awkward position and difficult to get out from.

Bonnie Thunder
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