Known locally as The Plunge, the Dearden Brook travels from the hills above Edenfield down a picturesque little valley with waterfalls and cascades with a couple of short culverts.

The first is around 100m long, with a long stone channel that runs under the mill, a short steep RCP and low stone arch that goes the final stretch under the road.

There's a small drop in the RCP where it changes direction, the remains of brickwork forming the joint can be seen, the rest washed away.

Where the RCP ends there is a deep bit which made The Plunge live upto it's name, it then fills with sediment and rocks which means a stoopy walk to the outfall.

After leaving the culvert the brook goes a short way before a large waterfall, with the supports for the old mill slowly decaying into the pool at the bottom.

Moving downstream the brook looks fairly normal, until it reaches an area where allot of trees have uprooted and the remains of old stonework litter the valley. At the bottom a short round stone culvert takes the brook under a road, the only feature being a 2ft sidepipe.

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