The Brightley Brook flows southwest from somewhere near Heywood to where it joins with Whittle Brook to become Hollins Brook. Just before the confluence it goes underground in a short culvert around 120m in length.

It had been a rainy few weeks with local rivers bursting their banks so drains had been a general no go. A few days with no rain gave TunnelMon & I the opportunity to get the waders on and we expected the culvert to be an easy explore.

It was fairly deep at the outfall and a pipe crossing the flow just above waist level presented a challenge to get over without going for a swim.

After a slow walk upstream it got shallower and the force of the water increased, each step requiring consideration so as not to get swept away.

As we climbed out the infall the world erupted in a chorus of barking. A kennel surrounded us on 3 sides and although we couldn't see them, they didn't stop in letting us know they were there.

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