Some research had me wondering about a watercourse that appeared to cross through the outfall sewers. A reccie with Userscott and Toothdoctor revealed it was actually a one way balancer/overflow, we dropped down into a 1m connecting pipe into Outfall A.

We thought it might be possible to lower ourselves down into the trunk, a weir just before the side pipe had built up the floor level so there was only about a foot of steady flow to stand in. We had no safe method of doing so at the time and called it a day.

I returned a few weeks later with Gone and thoughts of actually standing in one of Manchester's massive outfall sewers. Despite it being dry when we went down there had been rain earlier in the day, unfortunately this meant the flow had turned into a raging rapids over the shallower invert. Abandoning any idea of getting in there we took what photos we could.

Here's a couple of hand held shots, it was impossible to get a decent tripod shot off from the side pipe.

The pipe on the other side was the overflow to the Irwell. The one we were in was the overflow's counterpart from Outfall B, where I imagine the setup is duplicated. The lower pipe in that instance looks to be a sewer coming from the Moss Side network. The setup enables Outfall B to overflow to A and that to the river.

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