After visiting Leeds TheVicar and I headed for the town of Batley. The bank down to the outfall was strewn with glasses and bottles, obviously a local hotspot for post pub disposal of finished drinks.

Not long after entering the culvert you come to the most interesting section of the drain. What looks like a small overflow tunnel outfall rests in the sodium glow of the streetlights above and a grille overhead prevents yet more glassware entering the culvert. The ladder leads up to a door to the street above, where people can be seen milling about through the gap underneath.

Later the brook breaks into the open once more where two brooks join. One hosts a small waterfall while the other continues back underground.

The last interesting feature was a junction where a silted up brick tunnel joined the culvert. A space in the roof above was open to the sky and a couple of pigeons guarded the stairs, despite the ventilation the junction smelt like turd. Up the stairs the stoopy tunnel continued on but we went onwards.


Round the corner and the shape changed to concrete box, complete with car batteries and shopping trolleys. It went on oppressively for an age, before eventually meeting the outfall.

We worked our way back to the car and headed downstream to Dewsbury.

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