The Kirk Edge Dike flows out of a stone dressed outfall to the River Don in the North East of Sheffield.

The culvert started off as a stone/brick arch which went for some way, there were a couple of inspection chambers and some patches of spraycrete. It then split into 3 low brick arches.

After this was a low brick sided culvert box before a stretch of back breaking concrete box.

Next was a tudge up some RCP, a roaring noise pushed us onto a tall chamber with steps either side of a water slide. While setting up the shot my main torch dislodged from back-lighting duty at the top and experienced the full plunge down the slide. CameraShy just managed to stop it at the bottom but not before the glass front smashed, an expensive mistake.

Unknown Pleasures

At the top the RCP looked lower and we bailed knowing there wasn't much else to see upstream.

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