Night had set in when TheVicar & I arrived in Dewsbury at the entrance to Transporter, everything felt quieter and there was a chill in the air. Getting in was not without it's peril, previous heavy flow had scattered debris across the sloped outfall. It looked like an ideal way to climb in but the slightest touch sent the whole lot crashing down.

The culvert had the same basic mushroom shape as Monument and afterwards I find it difficult to remember where one ends and the other begins.

A CSO lurked up a sidepipe, but after a days exploring neither of us could muster the will to explore it.

The culvert emerged back into the open after what seemed like a long walk, before disappearing one last time into a debris strewn section that finally gave way to concrete box section and the infall.

I rarely get to go draining for a whole day, it was knackering but well worth it. Back home to sleep before heading to Sheffield!

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