Dreadnought, (aka the Malago Storm Water Interceptor) is a large concrete drain that takes the flow from the Malago and Pigeonhouse Stream in the Southern part of Bristol.

This little CSO is found in Bury and has the shortest overflow pipe I've seen, the CSO chamber is only a stones throw from the outfall.

Sidedraft is one of the culverts of the Gore Brook, its mostly brick with some concrete thrown in for good measure.

This CSO serves a town to the East of Manchester, it takes sewer overflows to a big tank at the works or diverts into the local river.

This culvert takes a brook just over 300m and varies between brick horseshoe, CMP, stone arch and eventually splits to a stoop before the infall.

Found in Bolton this drain is about 400m long and sports a grill at both ends, the watercourse eventually joins the Croal.

This small drain outfalls onto the River Croal in Bolton town centre, it's just over 300m long and constructed mostly of stoopy RCP around 4ft.