Located near one of Manchester's fringe towns are two large CSO tanks. This one is built from concrete and is one of the largest underground spaces I have seen.

This culvert is found in Radcliffe near Bury, it's about 260m long and outfalls into the Irwell.

This drain looks to have been built in the last few years. The whole system is concrete and there has been some major landscaping above ground. The dig a hole, fill it with prefab bits and scrape the earth back over method seems to have prevailed here.

A double box concrete culvert carrying the Salteye Brook around 340m under a motorway with a CSO in the middle.

The Medlock flows through a brick and stone culvert with an interesting side passage.

Processor carries the fetid waters of the Moston Brook.

Worsley has a rich industrial heritage in which it's brook played an important role. The Worsley Brook flows from Old Warke Dam and goes underground for around 350m.