Masticator ducks in and out of culverts, threading its way through the city. We got into the culvert and straight away side pipes beckoned further inspection, one home to a CSO chamber with the processing gear annoyingly up near the ceiling.

Foxdenton culvert takes the Wince Brook under a sewerage works.

A culvert that travels under much of St Helens with a dirty big sewer overflow at one end.

A set of stairs drops down from a small dry RCP and joins after the outfall, the whole setup looking like a 'Y' from above.

The Hulme Flume is a large Victorian brick sewer overflow in Manchester that outfalls to the River Irwell. Officially known as the Work 9 sewer it was built c1913 and it serves a total of 3 intercepting sewers.

The Works is the giant brick overflow for the Moston brook, packed full of features and easy to access it's become a right of passage for many Manchester drainers.