A short culvert takes a small tributary of the River Holme under Clarence Mill in Holmbridge.

This short culvert is stone throughout with a waterfall, cascades and pools along it's length.

The Alden Brook flows in a northeast direction towards Helmshore and enters a stone culvert around 250m long to go under some houses.

The River Holme flows through Holmfirth where the River Ribble joins it. The confluence is hidden away under Victoria St bridge and the Ribble dips in and out of culverts on it's way there.

The River Ribble is a small watercourse in West Yorkshire, it flows under the Washpit Mill in a short but feature packed culvert.

This culvert takes the Swinnel Brook under the Birtwistle Mill for around 150m and features a mix of stone arch and channel

This culvert is around 200m long and is a sandwich of stone arch either side of concrete box.