This drain looks to have been built in the last few years. The whole system is concrete and there has been some major landscaping above ground. The dig a hole, fill it with prefab bits and scrape the earth back over method seems to have prevailed here.

The Medlock flows through a brick and stone culvert with an interesting side passage.

I came across this quaint little tunnel whilst scouring the banks of the Irwell. It looks to have been blasted into the local sandstone and finished in pick.

Sheffield was the final destination on my draining roadtrip with TheVicar, it was certainly saving the biggest till last. We went in via Porter's brook, the watercourse flows through nice old but stoopy culverts and open sections before converging with the River Sheaf.

The culvert had the same basic mushroom shape as Monument and afterwards I find it difficult to remember where one ends and the other begins.

Not long after entering the culvert you come to the most interesting section of the drain. What looks like a small overflow tunnel outfall rests in the sodium glow of the streetlights above and a grille overhead prevents yet more glassware entering the culvert. The ladder leads up to a door to the street above, where people can be seen milling about through the gap underneath.

Masticator ducks in and out of culverts, threading its way through the city. We got into the culvert and straight away side pipes beckoned further inspection, one home to a CSO chamber with the processing gear annoyingly up near the ceiling.