When I saw RCP through the grated infall I thought this would be another of Bury's boring prefab systems. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when after a short length the concrete turned to stone and joined another culvert.

Located near one of Manchester's fringe towns are two large CSO tanks. This one is built from concrete and is one of the largest underground spaces I have seen.

The drain starts off in brick around 7ft tall. This then alternates between short stretches of RCP where repairs have been made, before opening up into a large egg shaped section.

Hidden on the riverbank of the Irwell the outfall looks like a portal into a time gone by.

This drain is in one of Manchester's surrounding northern towns and was a bit of a stooper, 3ft RCP being king here.

A concrete CSO overflow built into a hillside near Bolton.

This culvert is found in Radcliffe near Bury, it's about 260m long and outfalls into the Irwell.