This large brick and stone culvert takes the River Medlock around 600m near Philps park.

Found in South Manchester this screening chamber serves a 6ft sewer. A couple of curved grills with rotating combs scrape solids into a return channel as the overflow proceeds down through a pipe to the Mersey.

Hyde Falls takes the Wilson brook under a canal and motorway and features a large chamber with two waterfalls.

This overflow sits on a large sewer in Warrington, any overflow passes through a large vertical mechanically scraped grill.

These small culverts take the River Beal under the M62 near Milnrow. Both stretches are featureless double concrete box around 5 1/2ft tall, a couple of waterfalls in the open being the most interesting bits.

Shatterproof is essentially the overflow for the In My Sights tank. I met up with troubleuk to have a look at the downstream section.

60m of 4ft concrete box, not the most inspiring drain ever but at least it didn't have a flap, seemingly like every other drain in Warrington.