Supercharger takes the Gore Brook through a mainly brick culvert just under a kilometre long.

This system forms part of Bolton's storage and overflow facilities with 2 CSO chambers and a 10000m3 tank.

Processor carries the fetid waters of the Moston Brook.

This little culvert found near Bolton is around 280m long, it takes a small watercourse underneath a railway and flows into the Middle Brook

This little culvert outfalls to the Croal in Bolton, it's a bit of a mashup of stone, brick and Ironwork. I went for a look with Snake Oil and ViralEye.

A 1.6m sewer comes into this concrete CSO chamber at a steep angle, the flow thunders down and kicks off a crappy mist that settles on every surface.

Officially known as the North Western Storm Relief(NWSR) the main pipe was built in 1924, stretching under the streets of Notting Hill and Kensington it serves several large sewers.