A concrete CSO chamber with an Archimedes' screw next to the Parr Brook.

A small stone culvert taking the Brightley Brook under a Kennel.

Merry Christmas 2015

A main overflow for the Work 6 Sewer with a dose of big scale Manchester brick.

This is the drain that got me into draining. I found a dark filled entrance, heard the water and smelt the culvert smell. After heading back a bit more equipped I went in and got my first taste of an underground river.

Gorton Falls was built by the Victorians in 1876 to keep the increasingly polluted waters of the Gore Brook out of Debdale reservoir. Four aqueducts carry the culvert across the water with the rest hidden within the banks.

Build around 1790 this tunnel was built underneath the Castlefield Basin to deal with the excess waters of the River Medlock not used to supply water to the Bridgewater Canal.