All Ova is the last culvert of the Sudden Brook before it flows into the River Roch, it's pretty long at 900m and mostly big CMP although not all of it is walkable.

This old culvert built mostly of brick and stone takes the Sudden Brook around 550m through Rochdale.

The River Medlock flows through Manchester City centre taking a meandering route through open air and the Spartacus and Budge culverts.

A rag laden grill conceals a large outfall flap on the bank of the Irwell just upstream from Manchester City Centre

Worsley has a rich industrial heritage in which it's brook played an important role. The Worsley Brook flows from Old Warke Dam and goes underground for around 350m.

The River Medlock flows from Strinesdale Reservoir into a stone cascade, it drops down into a series of three culverts.

The Moston Brook is formed by the confluence of the Hole Bottom Brook and Bower Brook, both were culverted sometime after 1910.