Chisel Ma Nizzle is a Victorian Era sewer overflow in Manchester City Centre, it's quite possibly the original Market Street sewer which used to flow straight into the River Irwell

Behind a metal flap on the side of the River Irwell in Manchester lies an old sewer outfall.

A small watercourse near Rochdale flows in an easterly direction into the River Spodden

The city of Manchester has an abundance of beautiful old culverts and sewers, usually I take photos of them but for a long time have wanted to do a video.

The Hulme Flume is a large Victorian brick sewer overflow in Manchester that outfalls to the River Irwell. Officially known as the Work 9 sewer it was built c1913 and it serves a total of 3 intercepting sewers.

One of the small culverts along the Moston Brook prior to it entering Processor.

Lock Stock is a Victorian/Interwar period brick overflow system that has two large overflow chambers and a 9ft overflow culvert.